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What About Waste?

At Peach Hampers, we have been working with Too Good To Go for the past 18 months. Like any business that stocks and sells perishable goods, we often have the potential for waste.

As can be seen with our sustainability credentials online, we are passionate about avoiding as many types of waste as possible throughout the business. This starts with our sample production, all the way through to the inks and materials used in the boxes our hampers and gifts are presented in.

This doesn’t stop when it comes to our stock. When a stock item gets to a certain point, we create Too Good To Go bags that we advertise on their platform. The feedback we get from this exercise make all the costs and effort seem so small as we are helping in multiple ways!

The idea behind it is as follows (for example). If we have a bundle of items with a cost price of £15 that may have a retail value of £25, we advertise this bundle at £5-£10 giving the customer a huge saving. Not only do the customers save, we avoid having to throw good food in the bin!!

How does Too Good To Go work?

A user can download an app that shows them all of the ‘surprise bags’ in their area for that particular time and day. The user then reserves these items and collects same day or following day, saving between 30-80%. Some users elaborate on what may be inside the bag, some keep it secret. However, it is always in their best interest to make the bags appealing to sell more and more.

Their closing statement having purchased from their app is “Take your food to go and enjoy. You've just saved a meal from going to waste and done something good for the planet!”

To find out more and find our bags, go to https://www.toogoodtogo.com