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Whether she’s ‘Mum’, ‘Mother’, ‘Mam’, ‘Mama’ or ‘Mummy’, every year Mother’s Day is a special time to celebrate the strong women in our lives. She may be a step-mum or “just like a mum”; either way, this is the time of year to give thanks. Peach Hampers is a family business that never takes mums for granted, and our bespoke hampers show our love for them. 


The tradition of Mother’s Day goes back centuries, and there are many stories behind the meaning of the special day. The day has some differing origins, but the sentiment remains the same: to celebrate our love for our Mums. So, how will you be celebrating Mothering Sunday?



Mum’s the Word


A Date with History


Mother’s Day celebrations date as far back as the ancient Greeks who would celebrate Rhea, the mother of the Gods and Goddesses. The arrival of Spring would bring festivals of worship. Then, around 250BC, the Romans would celebrate a Mother Goddess, Cybele, in March. 


The date and origin of Mother’s Day differs around the globe. In the UK, Mothering Sunday is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of Lent, three weeks before Easter. Whereas in the US they celebrate on the second Sunday in May. Other countries observe Mother’s Day on the same day as International Women’s Day on the 8th of March. 


Mother’s Day in the UK


Mothering Sunday in the UK is closely linked to the Christian church. It was initially a day to give thanks to and honour the Virgin Mary, also referred to as Mother Mary. The spread of the Christian church during Henry VIII’s reformation in the 16th Century saw celebrations increase. Mothering Sunday found its firm spot in the Christian calendar. 


During the Middle Ages, populations started to spread around the country to find work. Even children as young as 10 would leave their homes for employment. With families scattered throughout the country, a custom was developed for families to return to their homes or ‘mother’ churches. As well as attending church, families were reunited with their mothers, so Mothering Sunday became an important time for meeting up. 


Mothering Sunday is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. The dates of Lent change every year, as do the dates of Mothering Sunday. 


Mother’s Day in the US


The date of Mother’s Day in the US is different to the UK, which often causes confusion. The origin of Mother’s Day is also different for Americans. 


In the United States, Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of May every year. The day was developed from an idea from Anna Jarvis in West Virginia in 1908. Anna wanted to honour her late mother and pushed hard for the day to be recognised to honour all mothers. She campaigned heavily, and eventually, President Woodrow Wilson finally made it an official celebration for the US in 1914.


As the day became more popular, Anna was unhappy to see it become more commercialised, becoming a “Hallmark Holiday”. She went on to resist the day, regretting what it had become. Nevertheless, families around the world use this day every year to give thanks to their mums. 


Celebrating From Afar


Although Mother’s Day had become a firm date in the calendar across the UK and Europe, its popularity began to decrease. By 1935, the day was being celebrated less and less. However, there was a resurgence in the popularity of Mother’s Day during WWII. Americans and Canadians observed the day during the war to remember their mothers whilst they were away. The Brits and Europeans followed suit, putting the day and its popularity back on the calendar. 


A Mother's Day Hamper filled with lots of hand selected treats


Treating Mums with Mother’s Day Gifts


The popularity of Mother’s Day sees the purchase of gifts like flowers, chocolates or a Mother’s Day hamper increase drastically. It is one of the biggest days for sales of gifts and cards. We love to show our mums that we care and that everything they do for us is appreciated. Our Mums are showered with gifts and cards, which often includes food. 


Many celebrations in our holiday calendar revolve around food, and Mother’s Day is no different. However, how does this work when we are halfway through Lent? For those who recognise Lent, Mothering Sunday is also known as ‘Refreshment Sunday’. This day, part way through Lent, is when fasting can be temporarily eased, allowing people to indulge and enjoy treats. Perfect for Mums to enjoy their day. 



A Mother’s Day Gift Hamper from Peach Hampers.


The perfect gift for your Mum or special woman in your life should show how much you care. One of the best ways to do this is by putting as much thought as possible into your gift. Bespoke hampers are a great way to do this. Not only can you carefully select which products you include in your hamper, but you can also personalise its appearance. 


A beautiful hamper filled with hand-selected delicacies will make anyone smile, and your Mum will know how special she is. Think about including some of her favourite treats. If she likes chocolate, then some Monty Bojangles luxury truffles will be just the thing. Your Ma might have a taste for biscuits, then Furnis Cornish Gingerbread will hit the mark. And how can you forget a bottle of fizz for any celebration?


Peach Hampers has a stunning range of hampers, including luxury magnetic boxes and beautiful wicker hampers. Every Peach Hamper can be personalised with your own artwork or message to really show your Mum how much you think of her. 


Browse the gift hampers that we have specially curated for Mother’s Day, and speak to our team if you have any special requirements.