Festive Feasts. No Limits. Corporate Christmas Hampers for Everyone.

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As we approach December, businesses up and down the UK are thinking about corporate Christmas gifts for their employees and customers. Corporate gifts are a brilliant way to show how much you value your clients and boost staff morale. 

Finding a gift everyone in your company can enjoy is more than a little tricky. Well, you can pause your pondering because we have the perfect gift that all your clients and your team will love. Spread joy this Christmas with bespoke corporate Christmas hampers!

Festive food hampers to make everyone smile

Food is one of the most essential parts of Christmas. Whether you picture turkey with cranberry sauce, Brussels sprouts or boxes of fancy biscuits, most people look forward to the festive feasts we indulge in at this time of year. So, why not add to this excitement by delighting your staff and customers with corporate Christmas hampers filled with tasty treats?

The beauty of food hampers is that so many delicious products are included. A hamper is more than just a gift. In fact, they are multiple gifts in one, displayed beautifully to bring excitement to any Christmas celebration. You can choose from sweet hampers, savoury hampers and hampers with the best of both worlds.

Everyone’s dietary requirements must be considered when selecting your corporate Christmas hampers. Does anyone have any allergies? Is anyone vegan or gluten-free? Does everyone drink alcohol? Choose a hamper company that offers nutritional alternatives to make their hampers suitable for all your staff to enjoy this Christmas.  

corporate Christmas hamper

Corporate Christmas hampers made easy

Corporate Christmas hampers are available over a range of prices. So, regardless of your budget, you can put a smile on every employee’s and client’s face this year. 

Buying baskets and products to build a gift hamper yourself can often become more expensive than expected. This makes it hard to find great gifts for everyone whilst sticking to a budget. Buying from a hamper company is a great solution for this.

Specialist hamper companies offer a range of hampers at different prices. You can set a budget and select the hampers you want to buy accordingly. You can decide exactly how much you want to spend, and there will be no surprise costs.

Purchasing corporate Christmas gifts from a hamper company is a great way to save time as well as money. Instead of spending hours collating items to display and package yourself, a hamper company does all this hard work for you. The people assembling these hampers are experts at their craft. This means you can guarantee a high-quality corporate gift to show appreciation to everyone who makes your business successful.

Delivering Christmas hampers

Remote work was necessary during the pandemic but has remained popular in many businesses. This means many staff members do not come into the office. This, however, doesn’t mean you don’t need to buy corporate Christmas hampers for your remote workers.

Make sure to choose a hamper company that can deliver to all your remote workers, no matter where they are based. If they cannot pick their gifts up from the office, hamper companies can bring their corporate gift to their doorstep.

Customised packaging for inclusivity

The packaging is the first thing your clients will see when they receive their Christmas hamper. Choose a hamper company offering top-quality, bespoke packaging to make a fantastic first impression. 

Some hamper companies offer branded corporate Christmas gifts and packaging. Sending your clients a branded Christmas hamper can help foster a lasting relationship and improve brand loyalty.

Eco-friendly and sustainable gift options 

With growing environmental concerns, reduce your company’s carbon footprint this Christmas by sending all your staff and customers sustainable Christmas hampers. Opt for hampers with reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging. 

Choosing a sustainable corporate Christmas hamper demonstrates your business's commitment to eco-friendly practices. This cheer with any customers or staff dedicated to prioritising sustainable living, making the gift even more meaningful. 

corporate Christmas cracker hamper

Peach Hampers: Delivering Christmas cheer to companies of any size

Peach Hampers is an award-winning creative hamper company offering customisable gifts for companies across the UK. Our experts design and print everything in-house to ensure your gifts are wonderfully unique. 

We do not have a maximum quantity for hamper orders. We are dedicated to providing hampers to everyone in your business and have facilitated single orders and orders in the tens of thousands.

Peach Hampers has a vast array of Christmas hampers available. Our Corporate Christmas Hampers come with Vegan, Gluten Free and Alcohol-Free options. We handle every hamper with expert precision. Even if you order in bulk, you can specify that certain hampers must be customised to meet specific dietary requirements. 

We can cater to not only dietary requirements but also preferences. With a vast range of food hampers available, we can offer hampers for staff with a sweet tooth, clients who prefer savoury or those who like a bit of both.

Our hampers are not only beautiful and tasty, but responsible too. Our packaging is recyclable and compostable. Not only this, but we plant a tree for every order. 

Take a look at our corporate Christmas hampers today!