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We’re coming up to the most wonderful time of the year. It won’t be long before you pull out the festive lights, put up your Christmas tree and start thinking about presents. Gift-giving is a significant part of the merry season, so there is no better time to show appreciation for clients and employees with a branded Christmas hamper.

Corporate gifts are a great way to thank those supporting your business; branding is integral to this process. A branded Christmas gift delights its recipients and leaves a lasting impression surrounding your business.

Why send a corporate Christmas gift?

A corporate Christmas gift is more than just something you send with what is left of your marketing budget at the end of the year. It is a meaningful way to express gratitude to clients and staff and put a smile on the face of those who help your business the most.

The benefits of sending clients Christmas gifts.

Making your clients feel valued is a vital part of fostering lasting relationships. A thoughtful and personalised corporate hamper is an excellent way to strengthen your connection with the client and demonstrate your commitment to maintaining a professional relationship.

The benefits of sending employees Christmas gifts

Corporate gifts are a perfect way to show how much you value your employees. A corporate hamper can boost morale, motivate staff and strengthen the sense of community within your workplace.

Why choose a branded corporate gift?

Branded corporate gifts do not only benefit the recipient but also your company.

Brand awareness

A branded Christmas gift is an important marketing tool to increase visibility and help your company stand out. Seeing your logo and company colours on a Christmas gift is memorable and can greatly increase brand recall. 

Brand Loyalty

A great corporate Christmas gift is one that your customers will remember. When they see your company logo, they associate it with the branded gift they received. This creates a favourable impression of your company, promoting brand loyalty.

Lasting impression

A branded gift can include your logo, company colours, and even your slogan. This keeps your company top of mind for those who receive a gift and leaves a lasting impression.

What to include in your gift branding

Branded corporate gifts can include your logo or even information about your company, depending on how you choose to personalise them.

  • Company name
  • Logo
  • Company colours
  • Slogan
  • Information about your services

Choosing the perfect branded corporate Christmas gift

Selecting the gift you are sending is just as important as branding. After all, you don’t want your company to be associated with a poorly crafted gift. Here are some points to consider when selecting your corporate gift.


Choose a gift that is well-made and high quality. This implies that your business and its services are high quality. Sending a well-made gift suggests that you are committed to providing quality work to the client receiving the gift.


Packaging is the first thing the receiver will see when your corporate Christmas gift is delivered. So, it is crucial that it is aesthetically pleasing, high quality and shows off your business in the best light.


The best corporate gifts are tailored to the recipient's interests and preferences. For example, if sending a food gift hamper, you may know some of your clients prefer sweet treats over savoury ones. You could choose what corporate hampers to purchase based on this. Taking the time to understand the recipients' likes and dislikes makes for a more meaningful gift.

Relevance to the customer

Your corporate gift should be relevant to and useable by the recipient. When sending food and drink hampers, you should note any dietary requirements, such as being gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian, or alcohol-free. Knowing this information ensures that your gift hamper will be relevant to and appropriate for the recipient.

A wide range of corporate gifts, from Peach hampers

Peach Hampers is a personalised gift service business offering products with branded customisable logos for companies. Our corporate hampers are more than just a gift. In fact, they are multiple gifts in one, displayed beautifully to bring a smile to clients and staff alike.

We have various presentation choices, from the traditional wicker basket to more simplistic sacks to festive designs such as Santa’s grotto and Christmas crackers. Whether you are looking for understated or bold, Peach Hampers has the corporate gift for you.


The Star of Wonder Christmas Hamper

The Star of Wonder Christmas Hamper features a variety of sweet and savoury treats and two drinks, which can be alcoholic or alcohol-free, depending on your preference. These goodies are presented in a large, luxury grey hamper with faux leather straps, elevating the traditional wicker basket.


The Chocoholics Christmas Sack

The Chocoholics Christmas Sack is the perfect gift for any chocolate lover, guaranteed to satisfy their sweet tooth. It includes every imaginable cocoa delight, from assorted gourmet chocolates to caramel & Belgian chocolate popcorn. The sack itself is natural hessian and can be personalised with a hamper wrap.


The Santa’s Grotto Christmas Hamper


 The Santa’s Grotto Christmas Hamper captures the festive joy and excitement of the season, including products such as mince pie fudge and Christmas gingerbread, all wrapped up in a full-colour, bespoke Santa’s Grotto Christmas hamper box.


Three Bottle Corporate Engraved Wine Box


If you are not set on a hamper, you might find your perfect corporate Christmas gift as an engraved wine box. This gift can be kept and used long after Christmas, keeping your business front of mind year-round.


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All hampers are designed, packed and printed in-house by our creative experts to ensure your branded gift is something exceptional.

As well as being beautiful and tasty, our corporate gifts are environmentally responsible, recyclable and compostable. If this isn’t enough, we also plant a tree for every order received.

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