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As we find ourselves in the depths of wedding season, preparations are excitedly taking place up and down the country. Couples will be nervously practising their vows and searching for the perfect outfit. In many cases, nuptials have been in the planning for months, sometimes years, to make sure the day is memorable.

While couples get ready for their big day, guests will be thinking about the ideal gift. But where do you start? Peach Hampers can help. We are experts in delivering thoughtful, personalised wedding gift hampers that could just fit the bill.


Love is in the air

For 2019, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported that over 219,000 marriage ceremonies took place in England and Wales. This figure dropped dramatically to around 86,000 in 2020 due to restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whilst figures have yet to be released, the wedding industry has seen a massive resurgence since restrictions were lifted. From venues and services to suppliers, businesses are reporting that people are, once again, falling in love with falling in love.

Many ceremonies were rearranged after being cancelled during the pandemic. Add to that, the new couples getting hitched; it's been a busy couple of years for the wedding industry.


The worldwide language of love

Love is a universal language. We may not comprehend it sometimes, but love still brings people together. Around the world, couples come together in celebrations and ceremonies of love. However, while the outcome may be the same, the traditions vary across the globe. Let's look at some of the more exciting wedding customs for different countries.

Indian Weddings

Arranging a wedding in the UK takes a lot of planning for a one-day event. Well, spare a thought for Indian families whose weddings often last up to three days! These lavish events contain lots of rituals and ceremonies handed down through generations. Many Indian weddings have pre-wedding events like Sangeet, a night of dancing as a welcome party for friends and family. The Mehndi ceremony is a wedding ritual that involves the bride having intricate henna designs applied to her hands and feet.

Image shows the hands of an Indian bride and groom. The bride's hands have henna designs from a Mehndi ceremony painted on them.

Swedish Weddings

Weddings in Sweden are often focused on family and friends having a good time, but some interesting traditions are involved nonetheless! Tradition shows the bride's mother putting a gold coin in the bride's right shoe. Her father will then put a silver coin in her left shoe. This tradition is to ensure she will never go without money.

Another Swedish tradition may raise some eyebrows. At the wedding reception, if the bride leaves the room, male guests will line up to give the bride a peck on the cheek. Similarly, the women will do the same if the groom leaves the room.

Japanese Weddings

Japan is a country steeped in tradition, and their wedding ceremonies reflect that. We could probably write a whole article that is completely focused on Japanese wedding traditions. Their traditions date back hundreds of years. Among their wedding customs is the San San Kudo ceremony, which goes back to the 1600s and translates as "three three nine times". San San Kudo involves the bride and groom taking three sips of sake from three different cups. This ceremony is to symbolise the union of the couple and their families.

Scottish Weddings

Another country that loves its traditions is Scotland. They also love their whisky! It stands to reason that this features in their wedding customs. Much like the Japanese drinking sake, Scots couples will take the first drink of their marriage from the Quaich. The Quaich is a shallow, two-handled drinking cup, the tradition is to seal the bond between the couple. The drinking from the Quaich symbolises love and trust and marks the blending of the two families.

German Weddings

In Germany, there are a couple of interesting customs: Polterabend and Baumstamm Sägen. Polterabend traditionally takes place the night before the wedding. Friends and family smash porcelain and pottery outside the bride and groom's door. The shards of pottery are supposed to bring good luck. The bride and groom are then left to clean up the mess, signifying how they can work together as a team!

Teamwork also comes into the tradition of Baumstamm Sägen, which requires the happy couple to saw a log in half. The manual labour is a demonstration of the couple's first obstacle. By completing the task, they show a willingness to overcome any hurdles in their marriage.


The Look of Love

There are so many traditions around the world, and we've only touched on a couple that caught our eye. Weddings are a celebration that touches so many people and brings families together. Whatever the customs, most weddings involve some form of gift-giving.

Giving the bride and groom money for their wedding is considered the "done thing" in many countries. In China, couples receive money in red envelopes, which should be in denominations of 6 or 8, as those numbers are particularly lucky. And in Greece, guests are encouraged to pin money to the bride's wedding dress.

Many UK couples are starting to ask guests, if they are happy, to donate some money towards their honeymoon. Often, no gift or cash is expected at all. In other cultures, giving the wedding couple money is sometimes seen as poor taste. If you are attending a wedding, you may be looking for a thoughtful gift that the couple will remember. A wedding hamper could be the answer you are looking for.


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